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Cliff Jumping

The wind runs through my hair and I can’t hear anything. I can’t hear you or myself, all sounds are drowned by the mad ocean. I look down, and my heart starts beating faster, it mimics desperate foot steps. 

The air is saline and my skin smells of sand but you tell me how much you like me like this. Your hand firm on my back, my foot yearning for ground, the other relieved to still be on it. I get lost in the music of the blue ocean and its harmonizing waves. My white dress fluttering in the wind, flowers dying all around me. 

"like an angel" you whisper against my ear as my hair gets tangled in your lips.

I trust you. 

I feel your fingers now making indents on my back and my body wants to stay on land yet my mind can’t help but wonder what flying would be like. The rocks and the waters are dancing down below and I want to join them. 

One last push, my mind goes blank and I a smile adorns my face, my arms are out like a bird’s and my hair traps the wind like a net, catching every memory it has blown away. 

I feel a yank on my arm, my eyes open in response, I’m spinning 180 degrees, and your eyes meet mine. 

"you are so fucking stupid" you laugh shaking your head in disapproval 

"don’t stop me from falling" I say


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